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Calling all columnists

Have you always wanted to blog about your local team but not wanted the hassle of running your own site? Perhaps you are already blogging but want to share your work with a bigger audience?

At Onsideview.com, we’re always looking for submissions from intelligent, balanced and passionate sports fans. Most importantly, we’re looking for people who don’t sit on the fence; Onside View is a platform for fantastic penmanship and bold opinions.

What’s in it for you?

First of all, we can guarantee you thousands of readers. Onside View is one of the most established sports opinion sites on the web. OV is visited daily by thousands of people and regularly stirs engagement with the sports community.

Secondly, we pledge to pay you everything that each article you write for us makes from advertising up to an agreed limit. Depending on the popularity of your work, that might equate to some pub money or even your next match ticket. Who knows, if the public really likes your stuff, you might even be able to buy yourself an executive suite at your team’s ground!

Finally, if it’s exposure for your own blog that you’re after, you can link back to your page on every piece you submit to us.


To get in touch about becoming a regular writer on Onside View, just drop us an email. We would love to have you on board!

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