A Guide to Gubbing: How to Avoid Being Gubbed in 2021

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If you read our guide to matched betting, you might have seen me mention the term ‘gubbing.’ It’s a phrase that drives fear into the hearts of seasoned matched bettors, and often comes in the form of an ominous email.

In reality, gubbing isn’t quite as scary as it sounds. You merely need to follow a few precautionary steps and change tact should the worst happen.

In this guide, I’ll show you several measures I’ve taken to limit gubbing on my betting accounts. I’ll also talk about what gubbing means in practice, and how to challenge any restrictions.

What is gubbing?

The act of ‘gubbing’ means a bookmaker has placed a series of restrictions on your betting account. But not all gubbing is made equal. For instance, a bookmaker might only remove your right to promotions or free bets. In more worrying situations, you might have heavier constraints placed on your stake levels.

To be ‘gubbed’ is to lose your right to certain betting privileges. Of course, your bookmaker will never use this term outright, as it’s a phrase coined by matched bettors. Instead, the bookmaker will send you a templated email saying something along the lines of ‘important account information’ or ‘banned from promotions,’ etc. If you receive anything of the sort, you can bet your bottom dollar that you’ve been gubbed.

Here’s an example of a gubbed account email from BoyleSports, where the preferred use of ambiguous legalese is ‘no longer be able to avail’:

Having your account banned from free bets or promotions prohibits matched betting. However, if you’ve had a max stake limited, you could still matched bet — albeit under annoying restrictions.

Why your account might get gubbed

There’s one simply reason why a betting account is gubbed: it’s not profitable for the bookmaker. Whether it’s through matched betting, persistent use of free offers, or even having a big winning streak, the act of gubbing allows the bookmaker to cut their losses.

Typically, if you’ve received the dreaded email mentioned above, a dedicated team within the organisation will have monitored your account closely. After which, any more profit sent your way results in a good ol’ gubbing.

I’ll talk more about ways to stop your account getting gubbed below, but now’s probably a good time to say that the explicit use of promotional offers will always raise suspicion. The reason being that all betting accounts are given a grade according to how profitable it is. So, if you’ve only ever used promotional offers or free bets, you’ll have zero losses — which places you top of the naughty list.

Another reason an account might get gubbed is for ‘gnoming’ (you’ve got to love all this lingo!). This is the practice of multi-accounting, i.e., owning two sportsbook accounts with the same bookmaker. Thinking of multi-accounting to get around gubbing? Don’t. It’s easy to get caught if both accounts share similar details, or you use the same IP address.

How to avoid gubbing in 2021

So, how have I gone about preventing my accounts getting gubbed? The answer is in mixing regular ‘mug’ bets with a vast array of sportsbook accounts.

A mug bet is when you stake cold-hard cash on a bet without any promotional offer. This needn’t be large or cost you hard-earned profit — it just needs to be a few quid here and there to paint a picture of a normal punter. When you mix this in with multiple sportsbooks, you’ll avoid hammering one bookie regularly — and, in turn, avoid suspicion.

A pro tip is to place mug bets on high-profile events and well-backed markets. For instance, a Premier League team to win in a top-of-the-table clash, or a second favourite to romp home at Cheltenham. These types of bets are sure to throw bookies off the scent.

To summarise, if you’re battering the bookie every week, your betting privileges won’t be around for long. Play smart — change it up when you’ve had a decent windfall.

Can you get ungubbed?

Good question. In my time, I have had certain restrictions lifted from betting accounts. But, in truth, it’s never been fast. Sometimes normal service will be resumed in a few weeks, whereas I’ve had other situations where the account remains gubbed.

If your account has been gubbed, I recommend the following:

  • Try making a few small mug bets to see if anything changes.
  • Keep checking back regularly — sometimes these things can go away quietly.
  • Try emailing the bookmaker, even if it’s to find out why you’ve been gubbed. In most cases, you’ll receive a generic message back, but you might have the opportunity to explain you weren’t privy to any wrongdoing. Who knows, the bookmaker might value your custom and change their mind.
  • If all else fails, move on. There are hundreds of bookmakers available in the UK alone, so just open a new account and learn from your mistakes. Unfortunately, it comes with the territory if you’re taking matched betting seriously.

Follow the above tips and you’ll be well placed to carry on matched betting. Not sure how matched betting works? Set up an account with Oddsmonkey for daily picks and advice.

This guide to gubbing is written by Mr Matched Better, who has 12+ years’ professional experience in the art of bashing bookies. He now spends his time teaching other people matched betting techniques.

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