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How High is Kylian Mbappe’s Ceiling?

This past summer Kylian Mbappé played a major role in France’s successful World Cup campaign. In the World Cup final against Croatia, Mbappé scored, becoming only the second teenager in history to score in a final, helping his nation be crowned the new champions. Prior to the tournament, Mbappé had already accomplished so much, but after helping his home country win their second World Cup title, his potential largely increased and it sparked the beginning of a new chapter in his life and professional career.

Not normal

Didier Deschamps, the manager of the French National Soccer Team has watched Mbappé build and improve on the senior squad at the French International level. He describes Mbappé as a rare unique talent.

“What he can do at such a young age is not normal,” he said. “What he has been able to do so far, that’s just Kylian. What he has achieved until now is extraordinary.”

Recently, Mbappé became the first player to score ten goals for France before the age of 20. In Paris Saint-Germain‘s 5-0 win against Lyon on October 7th, he scored four goals in a 13-minute span, becoming the youngest player to score four goals in a Ligue 1 match in over 40 years. Furthermore, he was recently featured on the front cover of  Time Magazine.

Destined for greatness

Everything he’s accomplished so far is going to have an impact on his future. His accomplishments only inspire him to further improve and continue to learn. Mbappé always sets forth new goals every time he steps on the pitch and commits himself to make an impact for club and country. In other words, he always comes into a game motivated and eager to perform for better results. France’s goalkeeper and team captain, Hugo Lloris is convinced that Mbappé is destined for greatness.

“We all know he has great potential,” he said. “He is not just doing things because of his technical skills or speed. He can have great numbers too, in terms of scoring. He is on course to have an exceptional career.

Mbappé can very well appear in at least three more World Cups. However, unlike his first tournament, it’s likely possible that in the 2022 FIFA World Cup, he’ll be France’s centerpiece. By then, he’ll be in his prime and more motivated and focused than ever.

A Ballon d’Or awaits

Furthermore, there’s no telling how accomplished Mbappe will be but the important thing is that he may be France’s biggest name and the responsibilities will be bigger and all eyes will be on him. It could be the most important moment of his career and he’ll have the opportunity of becoming France’s next soccer hero and part of his duty could be captaining his national team.

The list of nominees for the Ballon d’Or award recently came out and Mbappé is on the list along with five of his International teammates. While Mbappé has a good chance of winning the award, he’s not thinking about the Ballon d’Or and is rather focused on his performances on the pitch.

Mbappé is known for never reminiscing about what he accomplished in the past, which explains how he manages to continue to be a dominant threat on the pitch and improve as a player. He simply avoids getting distracted. Mbappé is simply focused on making the best of the moment.

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