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We love sport, but we were sick of reading the same old regurgitated content.

Started by Jason Westall and James Shaw in 2017, Onside View is the collective voice of some of the world’s best sports writers, bloggers and journalists. From what started as just two guys and a laptop, Onside View has grown to become an authoritative source for creative and thought-provoking sports analysis. At Onside View, we pride ourselves on producing opinion-based content which challenges the sporting status quo. You won’t find any of our writers sitting on the fence. Ever.

Through creative expression, Onside View adds fuel to the fire. Our writers are real fans who tell visceral stories with enviable gusto and zeal.

Concentrating on stories from both sides of the Atlantic, Onside View’s correspondents cover an eclectic mix of sports, including Premier League and lower league football (or soccer for our US readers), NFL, MLB, NCAA, NBA, NHL, Boxing, Golf, Cycling, and more.

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